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CFA India — M&A Team

Our India team comprises of dedicated professionals currently located at offices in Mumbai and Pune, led by Gireesh Narsimhan. We are in the process of establishing a PAN India presence. The team comes with a wealth of experience in entrepreneurship, capital markets, private equity, mergers and acquisitions.

Our endeavor is to efficiently integrate tailor made solutions for our clients. We strive to understand and appreciate individual issues and bind them together to provide holistic solutions which also serve individual needs. We view our clients and they view us as strategic partners rather than on a pure transactional basis.

Mergers and Acquisitions Team

Each transaction at CFA is led by a Director to maximize chances of closure. We use our extensive track record in deal closure to offer solutions which promote the long term interests of our clients.

Girish NarasimhanGireesh Narsimhan

Gireesh Narsimhan is the Managing Director for India at Corporate Finance Associates. He has more...

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