Investment Bankers to the Middle Market

Valuation of Business Consulting Services

Business Development and Value Enhancement

The best time to engage CFA is when you are creating value. We are knowledgeable and experienced across the spectrum of most business models. From boardroom to backroom, your CFA principal can be a trusted and effective advisor on a variety of strategic and tactical topics.

Most of us evolved into M&A professionals from backgrounds as business owners and corporate executives. We appreciate the wisdom of Stephen Covey's habit - "begin with the end in mind". When the end objective is creating wealth for shareholders, begin with a CFA principal as your trusted advisor along the way. The boundaries of the consulting services we provide are constantly evolving. Our traditional services include:

  • Business Valuation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Exit Planning
  • Business Plan Development and Presentation

Business Valuation Service

Most of the companies seek valuations as the management wants to know the Value of assets, Subsidiary companies, Joint Ventures or Investments. Valuations constitute a significant part of any transaction process, be it in the nature of an Acquisition, Divestiture, Joint venture (JV), Merger or De-merger.

At CFA we provide valuation services to help management evaluate various options. The valuation is based on a careful consideration of the facts and circumstances, and insight into the relevant valuation methodologies and approaches.

Business Exit Strategy Analysis

Your Life After Business

Ultimately, every privately held business will be transferred. The ownership will change by selling, liquidation, bankruptcy, going public, transferring to a relative, donating to charity or merging with another company. Each of these transfers has different tax, family and lifestyle consequences for the owner. You need a Business Exit Strategy to ensure the best possible outcome.

We are now in the Boomer Retirement Era when millions of businesses will be for sale over the next 15 years. Only the best companies will find a buyer at the right price – make sure you do not repeat the mistakes some business owners have made such as working with a single buyer, being unrepresented, under represented, or having an unplanned sale forced upon you.

In planning your exit strategy, you will have to look at many areas of the business and your personal life as it concerns:

  • Estate planning
  • Liability issues
  • Retirement plans
  • Management capabilities
  • Tax planning
  • Financial requirements
  • CFA will coordinate your professional team with the necessary knowledge, skills and experience in all applicable disciplines including mergers and acquisitions, corporate law, taxation and financial planning / wealth management leveraging its network of expert relationships.

    The process will flow through five primary phases viz. the Business Valuation and Marketability study, and a Wealth Management plan development which will help you decide what your lifestyle demands will required. On the business side, you need to develop your exit plan and then see what Positioning Strategies are needed to enhance the value of the business to secure the Life after Business you desire.