Investment Bankers to the Middle Market

The Business Selling Process

For most business owners, selling a business is something that may happen only once in a lifetime.  So, once you’ve made that decision to sell… what happens next?  If you haven’t experienced the business selling process before, you may not know.   During our over 50 year history, we have sold hundreds of businesses and we are experts in this field.  In addition, many of our Principals have themselves been through the selling process as former business owners.

Formulating the Exit Strategy

  • Uncover exit goals via preliminary interview
  • Develop an exit strategy based on those goals
  • Establish business valuation criteria and ranges
  • Develop business value expectation
  • Develop enhancement strategies to maximize company value prior to sale

Preparing the business for Sale

  • Assess company’s strengths/weaknesses
  • Develop personalized marketing program
  • Prepare powerful marketing documents including a brief blind executive profile and a confidential information memorandum
  • Prepare a secure password protected microsite which can contain video and pdf documents

Marketing the Company

  • Identify potential  buyers worldwide
  • Identify prospective equity and strategic partners
  • Identify, screen and initiate confidential discussions with potential buyers
  • Generate interest and arrange facility visits

Executing the Sale

  • Receive Letters of Intent
  • Negotiate chosen Letter of Intent on behalf of the client
  • Negotiate structuring the transaction
  • Managing the due diligence process via a secure online Dataroom
  • Coordinate legal, tax, accounting and other professionals
  • Review agreements and closing documents