Investment Bankers to the Middle Market

The CFA Advantage

We have a Global Footprint
With offices on on three continents and an ever expanding sphere of influence, CFA's footprint broadens our client's market opportunity. CFA has spent over 50 years establishing its name and reputation across the globe to position itself to offer the best representation for companies seeking to maximize their M&A objectives. CFA's team can help you achieve the success you desire.

Principals are Active in all Phases of the Assignment
A competent investment banker needs experience in valuation, accounting, salesmanship, and patience. In short, a good investment banker has been around the business block before entering the profession. CFA has aggressively built its investment banking business by attracting only accomplished business professionals with outstanding track records. It takes time and experience to be able to understand the nuances of business, and senior deal makers in CFA have exactly that. With CFA, the client works with CFA leadership, not staff, which ensures that they do not have a succession of people who handle their account. That means you get the best representation and the most experienced principals throughout your entire process.

We are Independent
You've worked hard to build your company and want to obtain the best price possible for its sale or maybe you are still building your company and want the most attractive capital available. We believe you should have the ability to obtain the best pricing and terms possible. Some investment banking firms conduct investment and/or lending activities directly or through affiliates: CFA does not. CFA is unbiased in its advice to its clients. We are not tied to any particular financial institution or investment arm, so we are able to evaluate and advise between all options with a sole allegiance to your company. We will strive to provide you with the optimal solution to your financial goal.